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Trends happening in the consumer goods industry

On-demand articles and webinars on the current topics affecting the FMCG industry

Industry updates

There’s a reason it’s called the ‘Fast Moving’ consumer goods
industry – and the pandemic has caused a huge amount of change
in a comparatively short space of time. Shopper behavior and macroeconomic issues affecting the industry inevitably have implications for revenue management, so it’s crucial to stay relevant when it comes to what’s happening now. 

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FMCG industry trends and updates:
RGM podcast photo.jpg
Listen to discover:
  • The implications of sustained inflation on the European pricing landscape and how revenue management can be used to combat it effectively.

HFSS article cover.PNG
Read to discover:
  • A 5- principles strategy for successful RGM leadership through adapting to the new HFSS legislation, as presented by Ben Simpson – Revenue & Channel Director at Kellogg UK - at our 2021 UK & Ireland virtual revenue management forum.
Premiumisation article cover.PNG
Read to discover:
  • What is a premium product, and why are they valuable for manufacturers?
  • What is premiumisation?
Read to discover:
  • How should suppliers continue to perform and improve within the market?

Navigating article cover.PNG
Read to discover:
  • How to navigate through 'the next normal' with Revenue Growth Management.
Covid 19 article cover.PNG
Read to discover:
  • How Covid-19 has impacted manufacturers.

Covid19 webinar cover.PNG
Watch to discover:
  • The short, medium, and longer-term impact that Covid-19 has had on the revenue management agenda and what the customers’ response was.
craft beer.PNG
Read to discover:
  • How does consumer opportunity translate to revenue and ultimately profits for brewers and distributors?

Future technologies webinar cover.PNG
Watch to discover:
  • The challenges that senior consumer goods professionals face when dealing with today’s complex technology landscape.
  • The new technologies that will have the greatest impact for consumer goods professionals.
  • How to lead the adoption of new technologies for revenue management.
AI webinar cover.PNG
Watch to discover:
  • The tools and the confidence to figure out what's right for your business when it comes to demystifying Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning - and leveraging it to your advantage.
Mix management article cover.PNG
Read to discover:
  • What is mix management and why is it so critical now?
covid19 article cover.PNG
Read to discover:
  • The pandemic's implications for revenue management and what this meant for strategies in 2021.
consumer goods asia article cover.PNG
Read to discover:
  • The recent market trends in Asia and the implications for revenue management.
Read to discover:
  • 6 steps that you as a supplier should take during lockdown.
Read to discover:
  • The key points to remember when you want to up your support game.
technology cover.PNG
Read to discover:
  • How to get the most out of your technology.
  • How to use technology in your advantage to build winning promotional plans.
AI article cover.PNG
Read to discover:
  • What does the rise of AI and Machine Learning mean for FMCG companies?

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