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Our latest press coverage 

Matt Wills discusses food discount stickers with the BBC

BBC News | 30.11.2024

Nick Ryan's view about the impact of loyalty programs on consumers

Business Today | 06.12.2023

Matt Wills gives his perspective on how the C-suite perceives GenAI

Technology Dispatch | 02.01.2024

Navigating uncertain times through collaboration: Exploring Suntory's pricing strategies 

Consumer Goods Technology | 12.01.2024

Matt Wills' insight on the future of yellow sticker discounts | 19.12.2023

The role of trade promotion management tools in driving success for FMCGs in 2024

Enterprise Times | 10.01.2024

Nick Ryan's commentary on the current inflation rate

Food Manufacturer | 17.01.2024

Acumen's Q&A on revenue management

Business Age | 26.01.2024

The AI revolution of Acumen

Business Today | 30.01.2024

Revenue Management Insights for FMCGs

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