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Building revenue management capability is key to unlocking growth

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Capability is a vital enabler of the 5 pillars (or levers) of revenue growth management (RGM), encompassing the skills, knowledge, and frameworks necessary for success. In the face of growing pressures on consumer goods manufacturers in recent years, the demand for revenue management talent has surged. However, as a relatively new role in FMCG businesses, sourcing talent in this area is a formidable challenge, and companies can't rely solely on external hiring.

To support sustained growth, manufacturers must foster a revenue management mindset throughout their organisations. Without this, they risk being unable to effectively respond to the rapid changes in the FMCG environment. Building revenue management capability enables businesses to optimise profitability, enhance competitiveness, and adapt to evolving market conditions.

'Capability is the bridge between ideas and results'

At Acumen, we specialise in empowering organisations to develop and leverage revenue management capabilities. With a proven track record and expertise in the field, we offer tailored solutions, industry-leading training, and strategic insights that drive tangible results.​

Revenue Management Consulting

Revenue Management 

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Expected outputs from our capability programmes:

Revenue management embedded as a mindset across the entire organisation

Standardised baseline of capability and the ability to scale up 

Tailored programme to advance business growth

Ability to adapt quickly and effectively to external factors

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What we deliver:

Acumen offer a range of bespoke programmes that can be tailored to fit your business and capability needs, ranging from Beginner to Intermediate and Advanced.


  1. RGM capability assessment

  2. RGM playbooks

  3. Foundational workshops

  4. Intro to tools



Beginner +

  1. Business case training

  2. Intermediate RGM workshops



Intermediate +

  1. Masters programme

  2. RGM forums


How do we partner with our clients to bring their revenue management capability programmes to life?


High quality / cutting edge content and thinking, leveraging behavioural psychology and neuroscience insights 


Re-enforcement through real life examples and real life practice


Re-enforcement through others (manager re-enforcement, action learning, clear feedback)


We introduce a framework for measuring success over the course of the programme (eg. 3Bs model: business outcomes, behavioural outcomes, belief)

Featured Revenue Management Insights:

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