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Keep the pace with technology and up your support game

As technology constantly evolves, the level of support your customers expect continues to increase. In light of this, it’s crucial for companies to leverage technology to meet these expectations.

How can you up your support game? Here’s the key points to remember:

  • Think outside the box and consider modern technologies as new channels of providing support to clients.

  • Tailor your support services to meet your client’s needs.

  • Implement a change management process

Consider the context

The tech evolution means consumers are surrounded by businesses with lightning reactions to their every need. Take the likes of Amazon and Google – their approaches to customer service (although not always their execution) are vast and omnipresent. This means that traditional approaches are simply no longer viable, and customers expect to contact you how they want, when they want. Leading organisations are taking an omnichannel approach to support, which statistically results in an increased retention rate. Trends in customer service mediums are heavily influenced by AI – with 85% of customer interactions predicted to be non-human by 2020. This includes chat bots and voice search queries. Furthermore, customer service reps are now starting to communicate with customers via live video, co-browsing (whereby the agent views and interacts with a customer’s screen to solve a problem) and even social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

Be aware of the difficulties

So, you’ve decided to enhance the level of support you provide to your customers. But where do you start? Which channel do you prioritise? It’s important to think about your customers and their behaviours first and foremost – to tailor the support experience to their needs. Also, there is a significant level of work to be done upfront in order to make the changes required to see the benefit.

Change management is key

Even with the right tools and framework in place, often employees and clients are resistant to change. This requires a change management process to enable an effective support process. Ensure that there’s plenty of information available and train and inform your users so that they’re comfortable using your new support technology.

Take the risk

Ultimately, the risk of staying with your old processes outweighs that of trying something new. The increased level of work required to keep your support services up to speed with technology may seem scary at first but is worth it in the end. However, despite new technologies, understanding what is important to your customer is essential and will always lead to retention. Keep their needs front of mind when implementing new technologies in order to benefit from a soar in client satisfaction levels.

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