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Why focus on promotions?


is spent by consumer brands on promoting their products every year

(The Grocer)


of committed promotions don't break even for suppliers



of shoppers admit to switching retailers to take advantage of promotions


The reason so many brands get this wrong is that they lack visibility of promotional performance and, therefore, the insight to make profitable decisions, both for themselves and their customers.  

Frequent promotional evaluation is crucial to ensure sales teams have effective guidelines to follow, but evaluating promotions manually can be time consuming, cumbersome and reliant on the technical know-how of individuals.

For manufacturers looking for a sustainable way of forecasting and evaluating the effectiveness of their promotional plan, TPM (Trade Promotion Management) is the answer.

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Why Acumen Invest TPM?

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Trade Promotion Management & Optimisation

Acumen Invest is a Trade Promotion Management & Optimisation tool that allows you to evaluate past promotions, plan future promotions that deliver against your brand strategy and model scenarios, all at the click of a button.

With Acumen Invest, you get:

  • Absolute clarity of your plans across your SKUs, brands, categories, customers and competitors

  • Complete visibility and flexible reporting of promotional performance

  • A fully integrated system that talks to your internal tools, saving hours of manual data entry and analysis

  • Complete sales forecasting for profit and revenue and the ability to adjust the base rate of sale to see how that affects performance

  • A team of Acumen consultants partnering with you through the journey and helping you to get the best from the tool post implementation

How does it work?


Invest integrates seamlessly with your ERP or alternative systems, getting rid of the pain of manual data gathering and crashing spreadsheets. Invest is completely live so you always have the most up to date view of your and your customers’ data.  


Whilst integration does the heavy lifting, our intuitive data management functionality means you can manually update data when you need to.


Absolute clarity of performance

Whether you're in Sales, Revenue Management, Finance or Demand Planning, Invest TPM gives you a joined up view of the world, enabling better collaboration across teams and helping teams and individuals make the best decisions for the business.

With our flexible calendar, you can filter your view at many levels to see how your promotions are forecasted to perform for you and, equally importantly, for your customers.


Invest's powerful scenario modelling functionality means you can make changes to your plan and review the impact of different scenarios on your and your customers' P&Ls before committing to any changes.

Invest is completely configurable, so you can get an accurate view of your customer and brand hierarchies, customer calendars and P&Ls. 

You can also manage your accruals in Invest with our Sales Accounting module. Because Invest is a modular system, you can turn on the functionalities you need if and when you need them.

A partner through the journey

Implementing a TPM solution is one of the biggest changes your business will undertake and involves multiple stakeholders and lots of moving parts.

Whilst functionality is undoubtedly important, when it comes to selecting a TPM solution, the success or failure of an implementation relies on the ability of your TPM partner to effectively support with change management.


At Acumen, we offer a comprehensive change management program to ensure that Invest is implemented alongside an optimised process, which we deliver using our proven business planning framework.

As holistic revenue management experts, we understand your world and are grounded in the day to day realities of your business and what will work for you and your customers.

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What our clients have to say...


Phil Morgan
Commercial Planning & Execution Director
Premier Foods

"Since working with Acumen, we've become a more integrated business, and we're starting to think about different opportunities to grow and use the data that we've got in a much more informed way"


Chris Lemon 
Commercial Excellence Director,
Coca-Cola Hellenic

"Acumen have an expertise in the FMCG industry with global learnings they can bring to us, as well as the understanding of our business and how we work, to find the right solution for us"


90% more time to spend interpreting the data rather than managing the data itself

See how implementing our Trade Promotion Management tool, Acumen Invest, delivered ROI and improved ways of working for Coca-Cola Hellenic in Ireland

"Acumen Invest is extremely quick to use and enables very quick scenario planning and detailed analysis work"

See how our Trade Promotion Management tool, Acumen Invest, optimised the analysis and forecasting abilities of our client, Premier Foods

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See how Acumen Invest works

See how Acumen Invest works

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