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EMEAA Focus: International Pricing and RGM Consulting

Acumen specialise in the delivery of RGM consulting and software, helping our clients navigate and thrive in this incredibly dynamic retail environment. We have a strong presence across all of EMEAA, and our comprehensive offering spans all areas of Revenue Management, covering promotional optimisation, structured pricing and terms, pack price architecture, and RGM capability.


We also support our clients in navigating the complex and ever-evolving EMEAA retail landscape, addressing the challenges posed by integrated retailers, buying and retail alliances.

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Consulting Offerings

We offer various consulting services across EMEAA, working hand-in-hand with you at every stage of the journey. 

Acumen Invest™
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Acumen Invest, our trade promotion & optimisation tool, enables you to evaluate past promotions, plan future campaigns aligned with your brand strategy, and model scenarios

Acumen Radar™

Acumen Radar, a robust visualisation and simulation tool, empowers FMCG businesses to establish defensible pricing & trade terms.

Proudly partnering with brands in the region:  
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