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Acumen Radar

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Acumen Radar

Acumen Radar is a web application that will help your business to make more profitable decisions on pricing.

Acumen Radar is flexible and modular, so it can be tailored to you and your business cycle. It’s updatable too. We’ll regularly work with you to make sure that the app grows and changes with your business. We’ll train your team and be on call to support them as they work with the tools each day.

Why use Acumen Radar?

Acumen Radar could help if your business:

  • Is dealing with international customers who are trying to leverage differences in pricing on international brands across markets.

  • Is having its supplier margins squeezed by customers using their scale to drive down costs and secure better terms.

  • Has merged or added a brand to your portfolio, and inherited prices that don’t fit with the rest of your brands.

  • Has diverse pricing, investment and profitability levels that leave you open to margin attacks from customers. 

  • Has trading challenges with product flows across markets & channels. 

What can Acumen Radar do for you?

Absolute clarity


Acumen Radar will give you a clear picture of:

  • Relative pricing levels and relationships

  • The profitability of each customer, from consumer price to gross contribution

  • Terms and discount structures

  • Customer and supplier margins 

  • Potential pricing exposures

  • Front and back margin structures

  • Difference in invoice and dead net pricing

Managing customers internationally

See what differences in pricing you can allow between markets.

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New ways of working

Acumen Radar gives you clear, presentation-ready graphs and charts in one place in a consistent and easy to read format. And while people come, go and change roles, Acumen Radar makes sure all your pricing and terms data is stored safely.

Future scenarios

Acumen Radar lets you plan for the future by modelling the impact of price, discount and tax changes on your sales and profits.

Powerful pricing and investment

With a clear picture of your pricing and investment, you’ll be able to build a consistent pricing waterfall. Altogether, you can make sure you’ll get the best return on every cent you spend.

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