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Manufacturers face a wide range of pricing pressures

With inflation on the rise, a global recession the reality and retailer alliances taking a more aggressive stance, getting a handle on pricing and terms management is more important than ever. At a time when margins are being squeezed, doing nothing is no longer an option. Inaction inevitably leads to:

Cross border pricing exposure

Ineffective or unconditional trade terms

Indefensible pricing with customers

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Acumen Radar

Acumen Radar is a powerful visualisation and simulation tool that will help your business achieve defensible
pricing & terms 

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Partnering with Acumen

Benefits achieved through Radar

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See it for yourself - request a demo

Fill out our contact form to discuss your pricing strategy with our expert consultants and see Radar in action

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With Acumen Radar, you'll get a clear picture of:

  • your relative pricing levels and relationships

  • the structure & conditionality of your investments 

  • your customer and supplier margins and how they're tracking over time

  • full customer profitability 

  • pricing exposure across brands & markets

  • future pricing & investment scenarios

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