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Pricing & Trade Terms Optimisation

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What's the challenge?

Most consumer goods companies are grappling with a spaghetti of inherited pricing and trade terms agreements that can feel like a can of worms to tackle and have often not been reviewed for many years. Without a clear, consistent structure to pricing, consumer goods companies risk causing confusion over new product pricing and losing money through ineffective pricing and unconditional trade terms.

At Acumen, we work with consumer goods brands to realign their pricing and investment structures to reduce pricing risk and improve ROI on investment with retail customers.

What will Structured Pricing deliver?


  • Legacy pricing structures

  • Indefensible pricing & unconditional trade terms

  • Proliferation of investment structures

  • No relationship between level of investment & scale or strategic importance of customer


  • Gain a platform for future growth of the business

  • A clear performance-based pricing & terms framework for teams to operate within

  • Reduction of pricing risk across channels & markets

  • Gain the ability to drive profitable growth, optimise mix and improve ROI on trade spend

A structured pricing framework will help you:

Refrigerated Goods

Our approach to structured pricing follows four key phases:


Picture of today

Gathering of core financials and running of interviews to better understand the business, vision & current position


Vision structure

Create the shape and prioritisation of investment levers & definition of vision margins


Scale of change & design

Iterative modelling of the new structure & quantification of the impact to customers


Implementation & training

Putting together the selling story, planning the implementation & embarking on a series of training and roleplay sessions

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