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Promotion Optimisation

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What's the challenge?


is spent by consumer brands on promoting their products every year

(The Grocer)


of committed promotions don't break even for suppliers



of shoppers admit to switching retailers to take advantage of promotions


In the FMCG industry, where promotions often miss the mark, harnessing the potential of data is essential. Without this, it's impossible to answer key questions like 'What does an ideal promotions calendar look like for my customers? What are the right base prices for our products? How can our brands coexist?' 


Through our pricing and promotion optimisation projects, Acumen partner with our consumer goods clients to drive informed decision-making and optimise their promotional strategies. With our expertise in data analysis and emphasis on creating tangible outputs that work for you and your customers, you can break the chain of ineffective campaigns and make data-driven choices that maximise the impact of your promotional investment. 

Common challenges with FMCG promotion planning

Large proportions of spend go towards loss making or ineffective promotions

No culture of sharing promotional learnings within the business 

Customers can be closed to trying new things if lacking the win win RGM story

Inflation causes pricing pressures across categories and pricing changes inevitably affect promotional plans


Acumen's approach to promotion optimisation follows 4 key phases





Picture of today

Gathering of core financials and running of interviews to better understand the business, vision & current position


We incorporate your brand context, data and constraints, & choose the machine learning model that’s right model for you


We will recommend optimal scenarios for your business, in line with your KPIs and customer context

Implementation & training

Putting together the selling story, planning the implementation & embarking on a series of training and roleplay sessions

Our promotion optimisation projects deliver a large variety of benefits for consumer goods clients

P&L improvement

A data driven set of price recommendations & promo guidelines to drive plan improvements over the next 12 months & beyond

Greater visibility

Total transparency of what is working and what is not, for both you and the customer

Defined framework

Clear recommendations around pricing & a framework for running promotions which incorporate the brand strategy

Implementation plan

A robust framework to land the structure and lead the way with customers

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