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Ecommerce in Revenue Management

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Ecommerce: No longer an afterthought

Not long ago, commercial teams focused solely on managing bricks and mortar retailers. But the retail landscape is constantly evolving, and Ecommerce, once an afterthought, requires a carefully planned strategy to manage effectively. With a rapidly increasing proportion of household consumables now sold online, that’s an opportunity for significant profitability, and one that’s impossible to ignore.

The challenge for revenue managers is getting to grips with online retailers. PPA, promotion management, trade discounts…how does it work in an online environment? It’s crucial to understand the audience, shopper occasion, pack format and basket size first, in order to inform price and promotion strategy. The danger can be overcomplicating the approach and losing sight of clear objectives.


To develop a successful and profitable Ecommerce strategy, it’s essential to first understand where your business is on the journey, dedicate the right time and resource to it, while aligning with the right stakeholders along the way.

Ecommerce insights for Revenue Managers:
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Watch to discover:
  • How consumer goods businesses can adapt and evolve in an increasingly online world
  • The key differences between Ecommerce pure play and more traditional channels from a customer relationship perspective
  • How to leverage the data available to your advantage
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Read to find out:
  • Why it's time for consumer goods businesses to develop a solid Ecommerce strategy?
  • How to kickstart your Ecommerce strategy
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Read to find out:
  • Why does profitability matter?
  • How you can create favourable conditions for Ecommerce profitability, with key steps to take early on in the journey
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