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ANZ Webinar: Building a winning promotional plan

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Date & Time

26 Mar 2024, 11:00 GMT+8

Zoom Webinar


Building a winning promotional plan
Zoom webinar | 26th March | 2PM AEDT | 4PM NZDT | 11AM SGT | 45 minutes

With inflation slowing down, cost of living pressures and the ongoing pricing inquiry involving Coles & Woolworths in the ANZ market, suppliers are facing pressures to deal back their price increases. The quickest RGM lever that can be pulled to achieve this is promotions - by increasing the intensity of promotions and/or the depth of discounts.


However, this can often lead to certain drawbacks for suppliers, with potential short-term wins at the cost of brand damage, starting price wars or re-basing shelf price. So, how can you avoid the common pitfalls and build a winning promotional plan?


Join our upcoming webinar, where we will be covering:

  • What are the challenges that suppliers are facing around promotions?

  • Identifying common pitfalls and key considerations in executing a promotional plan.

  • How to build a winning promotional plan that enables you to achieve your category and brand objectives?

  • Insights into securing the long-term success for your promotional plan.


Please note: This webinar is for professionals from across the consumer brands industry.

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Tue, 26th Mar | Zoom Webinar

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