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HFSS legislation: How can RGM help to navigate the restrictions?

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With the HFSS ban set to come into play by October 2022, manufacturers have a short period of time to prepare for a new approach to production, promotions, innovation and retailer discussions. By pulling the right revenue management levers, FMCGs can view the legislation challenges as an opportunity to evolve and innovate to grow. 

Download some of our resources below to find out how RGM can help to navigate the restrictions.
Read to discover:
  • How RGM can help navigate the HFSS legislation restrictions

Read to discover:
  • The impact of HFSS legislation

  • The actions required within the business functions to respond to the HFSS ban

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Event agenda included: 
  • 'From team to business mindset – our 5-year RGM journey'
  •  'Adapting to legislative changes'
  •  'The impact of changing government legislation on RGM: HFSS, Sugar Tax, Brexit, ESG - Converting risks to opportunities that drive value for your business'
  • Acumen Invest demonstration - Gioia Dominici, Senior Consultant, Acumen


Including speakers from Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company, Kellogg's UK & Premier Foods.

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