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Why invest in TPM? -
A manufacturer's perspective

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A whopping £314bn is spent by consumer brands on promoting their products every year but 72% of committed promotions don't break even for suppliers. Frequent promotional evaluation is crucial to ensure sales teams have effective guidelines to follow but, without the right tools & processes, achieving visibility of promotional performance can be time consuming, cumbersome and over-reliant on the technical know-how of individuals.  


In this webinar, we spoke to Consulting Manager, Adam Cecil, on the role of TPM solutions in driving ROI for manufacturers. Adam brings a wealth of FMCG experience from his roles at Kraft Heinz across revenue management and data analytics.

Agenda covers:

  • The P&L challenges facing FMCGs today and the repercussions of not having the right tools & processes

  • What an optimal promotion management process looks like and how TPM can help you get there

  • Tangible examples from our clients and actionable next steps to start your TPM journey

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