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Trade Promotion Management for Revenue Managers

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What is TPM and why is it important?

Many consumer goods companies spend over a quarter of their revenue on promotions, which are often the second-largest expense on the P&L. With this proportion continuing to increase, and many unsure of promotion effectiveness, many businesses lose money, month after month. 

Trade Promotion Management (TPM) and Optimisation (TPO) are the keys to gaining clarity and assurance of return on investment. With the ability to enhance promotional effectiveness, consumer goods companies can adapt to the increasingly challenging retail environment.


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Trade Promotion Management insights:

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Read to discover:​​
  • Vision & desired outcomes

  • RFx & vendor selection

  • Effective implementation

  • Measuring success

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Watch to discover:​​
  • The P&L challenges facing FMCGs today and the repercussions of not having the right tools & processes

  • What an optimal promotion management process looks like and how TPM can help you get there

  • Tangible examples from our clients and actionable next steps to start your TPM journey

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Watch to discover:​​
  • The importance of a thorough TPM RFP framework,

  • Best practice considerations

  • What to have in place before embarking on the RFP process

Watch to discover:
  • Common mistakes / pitfalls during the RFP/RFI process 

  • Considerations for the selection process 

  • Some tips for a successful selection & initial implementation 

Read the article & watch the video to find out:​​
  • What Acumen Invest is and how it can help your business​

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Watch to discover:​​
  • The importance of planning ahead of the implementation

  • Tangible recommendations for commercial teams to take

  • How to bring the whole business along the journey with effective change management 

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Read to find out:​​
  • The 3 key practices to abide by for a successful TPM implementation

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Read to find out:​​
  • The key things to consider to ensure the smooth implementation of a TPM tool

  • How Acumen's TPM tool, Acumen Invest, has been embedded into organisations to help them deliver growth

Watch to discover:​​
  • The importance of managing and optimising promotions

  • Best strategy for building a promotional plan 

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Read to find out:
  • Key aspects of Acumen's implementation approach that ensure a successful launch

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Watch to discover:
  • The importance of managing and optimizing promotions, and how to build capability across your team​

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