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Revenue Management Interviews & Forums

Acumen events and podcasts gather together consumer goods professionals and revenue management experts from across the world. We create a place to facilitate best practice sharing - building relationships, and building a network of like-minded individuals who face the same issues. Watch back the recordings of our previous events and podcasts episodes, covering a wide range of topics in consumer goods and revenue management.

Listen to discover:
  • Chris’s extensive career within FMCG and his perspectives on current trends and challenges in the consumer goods landscape
  • His work on ‘busting’ common revenue management myths
  • How to expand your expertise and leverage your capability to embed a revenue management mindset within your organisation.
Listen to discover:
  • Marleen’s career and experience within FMCG
  • The key things RGM teams should be focusing on
  • Common misconceptions about revenue growth management
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Read to discover:
  • Key takeaways from the discussion in episode 2 of our podcast series 'Busting the myths' with Marleen Verdeyen
  • The compelling ‘Triple Win’ framework
  • The importance of managing sponsor expectations

Podcast episodes and event recordings for
Revenue Managers:
UK events cover image.PNG
The event recording includes:
  • 'From team to business mindset – our 5-year RGM journey'
  •  'Adapting to legislative changes'
  •  'The impact of changing government legislation on RGM: HFSS, Sugar Tax, Brexit, ESG - Converting risks to opportunities that drive value for your business'
  • Acumen Invest demonstration - Gioia Dominici, Senior Consultant, Acumen


Including speakers from Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company, Kellogg's UK & Premier Foods.

Australia event cover.PNG
The event recording includes:
  • 'Shifting your organisation’s hearts and minds towards digital revenue management'
  • 'Making the right technology choices in RGM' - Matt Wills, Acumen’s Chief Product Officer
  • Acumen Invest demonstration- Max Lawday, Senior Consultant, Acumen
  • 'TPM, TPO, TPX - how to leverage each to your advantage'
 Including speakers from Simplot Australia, Colgate-Palmolive, Lion Dairy & Drinks, Carlton & United Breweries.
Europe event.PNG
The event recording includes:
  • 'The changing European retail landscape - the implications and how to adapt your strategies'
  • 'Given scarcity of RGM experts, how are you building RGM capability in your business?'
  •  'How consumer brands can continue to grow profitability with rising commodity and supply chain costs'
  • Acumen Invest demonstration - Antonia Benson, Business Development Manager at Acumen
  • 'Inflation: The implications for revenue management and how to adapt your strategies' 
Including speakers from HEINEKEN, L'Oréal, Danone, Kraft Heinz, Unilever, Bayer & Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company.
Read to discover:
  • How the journey in APAC is going so far - from setting up the Singapore office to navigating the global pandemic
roadmap cover image.PNG
Read to discover:
  • Key topics & learnings from our annual APAC Revenue Management forum: ‘Building your revenue management roadmap in an evolving consumer goods landscape in APAC’
Key learnings cover image.PNG
Read to discover:
  • The key learnings from Acumen's 2021 European Revenue Management forum: 'Europe's consumer goods landscape in 2021: New trends, strategies, and tactics in revenue management'

Asia forum picture.PNG
The event recording includes:
  • ‘Using RGM to adapt in today's high inflation environment’
  •  ‘Inflation: Thoughts and implications for RGM’​
  •  ‘How TPM tools can be used to navigate the high inflation environment'
  • ‘Getting to grips with Ecommerce: How can revenue management teams work with it best?'  


Including speakers from APB, Colgate-Palmolive and Beam Suntory.

RGM podcast photo.jpg
Listen to discover:
  • The implications of sustained inflation on the European pricing landscape and how revenue management can be used to combat it effectively.

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