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Revenue management fundamentals

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Why is revenue management important?

FMCG companies are operating in an increasingly challenging retail environment and top line growth is a far smaller opportunity than it used to be. Established players now look for efficiencies at the bottom in order to compete, making revenue management more important than ever for consumer goods companies.

Revenue management takes many forms and permeates all parts of the business infrastructure – it’s a function, a process, a discipline and a mindset, and it takes work and expertise to sustain. When executed in the right way, revenue management practices can result in a huge boost in both revenues and profitability. 


Building on revenue management capability means businesses stay ahead of the competition and avoid throwing money away in the form of ineffective trade spend. It also allows for dynamism – something proven to be a necessity throughout the pandemic.

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Revenue Management insights for
Revenue Managers:

Watch to find out:
  • The importance of revenue management for FMCG companies now
  • How to communicate the importance of revenue management internally and build a mindset across the wider business
Watch to find out:
  • Why efficient product and price pack architecture are crucial for your brand portfolio are efficient product and price pack architecture​
  • How to communicate the benefits of mix management to the business
  • How to build capability in this area across your team
Read to discover:
  • The pros and cons of working with a specialist software provider and building your own revenue management solution
  • The different aspects that need to be considered before making a decision for your business

Read to find out:
  • Why revenue management is a huge opportunity that FMCG businesses can't afford to miss
  • How revenue management practices can result in a huge boost in both revenues and profitability
Read to find out:
  • What you need in order to ensure success for revenue management teams
  • The qualities of a great revenue management team
Watch to find out:
  • The fundamentals of structured pricing
  • Building defensibility
  • How to build structured pricing capability across your team 
Watch to discover:
  • Why optimisation is the foundation for success
  • The fundamentals of TPM/TPO
  • How to build capability across your team 
Watch to discover:
  • The recipe for successful revenue management
  • How to start building your revenue management framework
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Watch to discover:
  • The importance of a solid capability framework
  • How to tailor the plan to your business
  • How to establish a successful multi-year programme
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Watch to discover:
  • How to establish a clear revenue strategy for your portfolio
  • Determining clear shopper roles for your customers & products
  • Identifying and implementing pack/price opportunities
  • Refining the approach: Measuring, tracking and adapting your portfolio
Key considerations for manufacturers in 2023 negotiations with customers.png
Watch to discover:
  •  What to anticipate when it comes to the 2023 negotiations
  • What makes a winning strategy and how best to prepare
  • How to develop the right mindset and capabilities within your team to achieve successful outcomes
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Watch to discover:
Bics's VP of Revenue Growth and Development Kelly Rolader's perspectives on:
  • The macroeconomic factors shaping the consumer goods world this year

  • How revenue management (pricing, promotions and mix) will play a vital role in navigating 2023

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