Replay the webinar:
'3 steps to building a compelling selling story'

5-10 years ago revenue management was not a key focus area for many consumer goods companies. However in the last few years, revenue management is starting to become a crucial discipline in many businesses, with dedicated teams being built, sophisticated methods of data capture to analyse new trends, and new systems put in place. We are starting to see more projects than ever to define PPA, drive conditionality & structure of trade terms and rethink promotion strategy to drive growth.


Furthermore, inflation and the rising cost of commodities, alongside a number of pressures manufacturers are under, means that implementing cost price increases (CPIs) are becoming more and more common for commercial teams.

So how can revenue management and commercial teams effectively communicate changes with customers? How can they drive new initiatives for lasting change, both internally & externally?


Replay our 45-minute webinar, where our global accounts lead, Gioia Dominici, shared the 3 steps to building a compelling selling story, including:


•        The importance of selling stories in the change process

•        Preparing your message and creating your story

•        Bringing the whole business along the journey with consistent messaging


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