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'Overcoming international pricing challenges faced by consumer brands'

Without a clear, consistent structure to pricing, consumer goods companies will inevitably:
  • Put themselves at risk from pricing exposure
  • Lose money through ineffective pricing
  • Create more chaos with little guidance for new product pricing
Most consumer goods companies are grappling with a 'spaghetti' of inherited pricing, and have to tackle this alongside the challenges of the rapidly evolving retail landscape. This quickly becomes a complicated task that needs a clear strategy. With the right thinking and clear principles to follow, companies can deliver growth through a structured pricing framework.
Replay our 45-minute webinar to discover:
  • How to foresee pricing challenges from customers in the ever-evolving international retail landscape
  • The primary ingredients for pricing excellence and the principles of pricing direction and design
  • Proactive & reactive pricing methodologies and the key steps to get started on the pricing journey

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