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Enabling detailed analysis with Acumen Invest

See how our tool Acumen Invest worked to speed up analysis and  Premier Foods to speed up analysis and forecasting for our client, Premier Foods.

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Phil Morgan
Commercial Planning & Execution Director 

"Since working with Acumen, we've become a more integrated business, and we're starting to think about different opportunities to grow and use the data that we've got in a much more informed way"

Who was our client?


Premier Foods is one of the world’s largest food manufacturers in the FMCG industry

Why did they get in touch?

They were struggling with new and inefficient business processes following a SAP TPM implementation. It was a good enough system to manage trade accruals, it was functional and transactional. But it didn't bring together all the right sources of data that commercial teams needed. What they needed to do was integrate lots of data sources to lead to better decision making. Furthermore, it took a long time to show promotional plans, so they required a system that was quick to use and fed into all legacy systems.

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