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Ways of Working Smarter: Tips from The Acumen Team

To kick-start our 'Ways of Working Smarter' initiative, we're thinking about the little details in everyday life that make big differences to working effectively.

At Acumen, we help teams to work smarter and make more profitable decisions with customers. Through our application solutions and our consulting work, one thing we do well is efficient ways of working. So, we asked some of our team, how do our tools and consulting projects help clients to work smarter? And how do they incorporate the ‘Working Smarter’ mentality in life outside of work?

Nick - consulting

“We give our clients the visibility they need to help them make the best decisions for their business.  We aim to make all our interactions ruthlessly simple; finding a way to break down complex problems in to tangible solutions.”

My ‘Working Smarter’ top tip:

“If a task takes less than three minutes, do it then and there; it gets the job done and saves flicking between tasks! I also cut apples ahead of time for a convenient snack at work.”

Carol - product

“I think Invest helps our clients most by allowing them to visualise all of their promotions – it has various grouping and display options allowing them to see their promotional plan clearly, and optimise their plan visually”

My ‘Working Smarter’ top tip:

“I pack my things for work the night before, so I don’t have to think about it the next day – I even set up my coffee machine the night before, so I wake up to the smell of fresh coffee!”

Tom - commercial

“Predictive analytics in our applications help users make more informed decisions. Furthermore, the ability to make collaborative scenarios allows teams to work together efficiently to build optimised plans.”

My ‘Working Smarter’ top tip:

“I try not to check emails first thing in the morning, it makes you reactive not proactive. If it is that urgent they will call you! I also use a list app on my phone to record places I want to go/eat/drink etc. so when I need an idea I always have a list at my fingertips.”

Nicole - Consulting

“All the data they need is in one place. When simulating P&Ls you can slice and dice the data in any way and get information in seconds.”

My ‘Working Smarter’ top tip:

“I always time train journeys so I don’t waste time and when on the move (getting lunch/taking a train) I answer my emails on or call for appointments. I also try to do intense, mathematical tasks in the morning, leaving the admin tasks or more creative tasks to the afternoon.”

Flo - Commercial

“We help our clients manage their data so that ultimately, they can see the wood for the trees, and are able to act on insight to make profitable decisions. This allows them to work smarter because they are saving so much time and can switch their focus to the bigger picture.”

My ‘Working Smarter’ top tip:

“Where possible, if I have a query I’ll make sure I speak to one of my colleagues face to face – its so tempting to send an email when everyone is busy, but I find that you get to the root of the problem far quicker if you communicate in person!”

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