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Take our Mini Revenue Management Assessment

In today’s tough retail environment, an effective revenue management function is critical to achieving your goals. But do you know where your capability sits?

As a relatively new functional discipline within business, there is little out there in terms of guidelines to measure up against, and you’re likely to lose track of where your abilities lie versus competitors. Because of this, there’s a danger of over-complicating your revenue management agenda and lacking direction when it comes to processes and capabilities.

Why should I take this assessment?

This short survey will provide you with an initial assessment of your revenue management capability, enabling you to benchmark your revenue management function against the wider framework. The idea is that the immediate results of the survey will provide you with an outline of your revenue management capability that you can instantly reflect on, and our consultants will come back to you with more in-depth feedback from the results and provide an idea of where to go next.

Our initial feedback grades your revenue management capability from beginner, through to average, good and then advanced. The maturity of your business division greatly affects its capability, and the results will provide an indication of your revenue management development.

Knowing where your capability sits

The mini assessment will provide you with an outline of your revenue management capability, here are the key gradings:


Your revenue management function is strong. You clearly have a solid framework in place but in the current environment, it’s important to strive more and more to optimise your revenue management techniques and functions to help achieve your goals.


Your revenue management function is standard – you would greatly benefit from optimising your processes in order to make more profitable decisions.


Your revenue management function is of a basic nature, and needs developing to grow to its full potential. We’ll provide in-depth feedback as to how to grow your revenue management function to reach its optimum.


Your revenue management function is young. We have lots of experience working with different businesses to help them make more profitable decisions.

If you decide you want to work with us, we can offer the Acumen Revenue Management Assessment, a light touch assessment to provide you with absolute clarity of the current capability & maturity of your Revenue Management function versus other companies, as well as providing you with a suggested roadmap to follow to improve.

Take the Mini Revenue Management Assessment

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