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Acumen's APAC Revenue Management Forum 2020

Last week we held our 2020 APAC Revenue Management Forum: ‘Delivering Impactful Revenue Management in an Evolving Consumer Goods Landscape in Asia’ that brought together global leaders from across the FMCG industry in APAC. 

The event was held using the Remo virtual conference platform and the agenda included presentations and panel discussions from industry leaders alongside informal networking sessions. We found this to be a great way to make the event as interactive as possible in a new virtual way of working. 

Here are our key themes from the event:


As the impacts of Covid-19 continue to affect us all, agility is proving to be a key asset in the field of revenue management. Channel opportunities are continuing to adapt and change, with some thriving and others struggling. Suppliers need to be able to move with these trends. 


The pandemic has provided the opportunity for manufacturers to collaborate more closely with customers, providing a positive foundation for future relationships. Looking within organisations, the dialogue needs to be broadened - revenue management is a journey and not a single initiative. It’s important that it becomes a mindset within businesses. 

Best practice  

As the pandemic continues to tighten budgets, revenue management has come under increasing scrutiny in terms of controlling spending and making the right, informed investment decisions. This has highlighted the importance of the field whilst also increasing the pressure to perform and deliver high standards of results. 

If you would like to speak to the Acumen team about any of the topics discussed at the event, please contact us at and we’ll get in touch. Or, if you’d like to register your interest for one of our upcoming events, check out our webinars and events page here.

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