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Acumen launch the new support portal

We've launched the new support portal for all users of our apps, Acumen Radar™ and Acumen Invest™ to enhance the support service we provide to our clients.

As part of our continuous effort to bring the best, most efficient support to our clients, we’re happy to announce the launch of our latest support portal. Expanding the support capabilities of our apps, Acumen Radar™ and Acumen Invest™ - the new portal will increase transparency of support queries and provide access to helpful information, making the user experience much easier.

Access App knowledge, instantly

Through the support portal, you have access to over 50 articles with the built-in knowledge base. This means your queries can be answered straight away, without the need to wait for a response from us.

Benefit from an ever-growing knowledge base

All new tickets and queries formulate answers to new knowledge articles, and we’re dedicated to keeping it as up-to date and detailed as possible. The more questions we receive, the more helpful the portal will be, including more and more content as tickets are sent through.

Send tickets with ease

Couldn’t find something on our knowledge base? Rather than sending emails directly, through the portal you can send support tickets using a button, creating a ticket with immediate effect.

Visibility of query status

Clients will have full visibility of ticket statuses all in one place. Certain ‘super users’ can see all tickets sent from anyone within their company.

Not sure how to say it? Send images instead

With each ticket you can link files and attach images directly, with a max file size of 20MB.

Access is instant

Clients can access the portal as soon as they have the link to set up their account, simply click here to access it.

Looking ahead we’re going to introduce client specific articles into the portal, including user guides, tailoring the support process to your business. Clients will soon be able to login seamlessly with single sign on across all our tools. We’re even introducing chat bots to make answering your questions even easier – these will pop up at the side of your screen for login.

Have any questions about the new support portal?

Let us know at and we'll get in touch - we’d be happy to help.

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