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Acumen Hosts RGM Forum in Sydney, Australia

Acumen were thrilled to host over 50 attendees from the FMCG industry at their RGM forum in Sydney, Australia last week. It was a memorable day filled with insightful presentations, engaging panels, and interactive Q&A sessions. The forum covered essential topics such as trade terms, pricing strategies and AI utilisation in consumer brands. It was a thought-provoking afternoon that encouraged attendees to rethink their approaches and implement key learnings in their businesses. Located within the esteemed Walsh Bay Arts Precinct of Sydney, the Bangarra venue was a beautiful destination for the forum. It offered spectacular views of the harbour, making it one of the most sought-after locations in New South Wales for events of this type.

A huge thank you goes out to all the excellent speakers and panellists who added tremendous value to the event - Charlie Alsop, James Osenaris, Keith Quigg, Melinda Wienand, Harry Watts, Zinnia Woolliams, Alex Houghton, Kim Berry, Paul Tucker, Craig Dick, & Jon Bradshaw. Their knowledge, expertise, and insights were greatly appreciated.

Acumen's Head of Asia Pacific, Max Lawday, shared his gratitude towards the speakers and attendees, highlighting the importance of discussing topical themes in the industry and the value of networking with like-minded professionals. - "I want to start off by saying thank you to our wonderful line up of speakers and panellists from across the RGM community and wider commercial community in ANZ. It was great to host over 50 attendees from across a range of categories to discuss some topical themes in the industry, and to catch up with old friends. We went on a journey through the role of trade terms, how to manage pricing and cost input inflation in the current landscape, utilising AI in consumer brands and using brand as the ultimate profit driving lever. I think it's safe to say that the afternoon got people thinking differently, and hopefully everyone took some key learnings back to their business on what to change going forward. See you all again soon"

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