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Acumen appoints Denise Lee as commercial lead, APAC

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve appointed Denise Lee as Acumen’s commercial lead for the APAC region. With 6+ years of experience working with FMCG businesses globally, Denise has extensive experience, particularly working within the beauty, personal care and food & beverage industries. Denise will be an integral part of Acumen’s growth strategy in the Asia Pacific region, responsible for our sales and enhancing awareness of Acumen.

What is it about working with FMCG companies that you enjoy?

Working with FMCG businesses is extremely relevant to everyday life, these are the products we use and purchase on a regular basis, and as a consumer myself, it’s very motivating working with them. Especially today in the inflationary environment, these challenges are more important than ever. Understanding the challenges that FMCG businesses face and being there to guide them during the initial step of their journey is extremely motivating.

What are you most excited for in the role?

I’m looking forward to understanding the RGM community in APAC at a deeper level, and am passionate about best-practice sharing and educating the community here. Furthermore, to learn how Acumen do things as a business, learning from the team and bringing in my own expertise to create a blend of the two. I am really excited for Acumen’s APAC expansion in the region and the great work the team will be doing together.

What do you love about working at Acumen?

So far, I already love working at Acumen. It provides a fun, open and honest space, and a place to learn and grow, where it is ok to fail! We are encouraged to try new creative ideas, there really is a growth mindset.

If you're an FMCG professional in the region and would like to discuss your revenue growth management strategies and goals, reach out to Denise at to see how Acumen can help.
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