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Acumen appear in the POI TPX Vendor Panorama 2018

Acumen have once again appeared in the POI TPX Vendor Panorama, alongside 22 other vendors of market leading technology services. Each vendor is evaluated and assessed on various aspects of its product offering and overall company capability.

As part of the promotion optimisation institute’s efforts to help its members improve their ability to manage trade promotions and drive profitable growth, the organisation publishes its annual TPx Vendor Panorama to showcase the best in class and highlight the technology and related service options that can help to improve promotional outcomes. The report assessed our capability in the promotional management space, regarding our consulting products for promotional optimisation, our TPM/TPO solution Acumen Invest™, and our capability enhancing products that come with it.

The report highlighted us as best in class for internal collaboration due to our employment of holistic company engagement to leverage enterprise insights. Furthermore, our use of core capabilities was highlighted to increase buy-in from cross-functional partners. We also received above average scores within the product assessment in the areas of delivering flexibility and analytical capabilities.

“We find Acumen to be interesting in the marketplace because of its ability to provide consulting, implementation, ongoing support services, and software from a single source. This is highly desirable for a company seeking TPx but having difficulty moving off of spreadsheets. We also find the “concierge” model around creating reports, cleansing and managing downstream data, and providing analytical services to be appealing to companies that prefer a high touch model. The solution also has a strong financial orientation.”

The report discussed our TPM/TPO solution Invest™ and its functionalities, mentioning the key capabilities of the app which contribute to ease of user experience:

“Acumen has solid P&L views for analysis and driving internal and external JCBP conversations. It has good capabilities for identifying underperforming promotions graphically and then drilling into the details. In particular, we like the ability to lasso a group of dots on the matrix and then drill into them, and also the graphical ability to look at claims and their aging. Promo coefficients can be generated by the tool or else imported.”

The publication highlighted our change management and capability enhancing ability which we offer alongside our applications.What sets Acumen apart is our ability to influence adoption of the tool within teams. Our consultants help our clients to use Invest, for long term change and success. The POI noted that while we offer flexibility in reporting, we are also focused on optimising the promotion management process and helping our clients to develop “focused reporting” to answer the most important business questions.

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The Acumen TPM/ TPO web solution, Acumen Invest™, is a web application that helps you see how promotions have performed in the past, and forecast how new promotions will pan out in the future, giving your customer teams a complete business plan. It integrates ERP and external scan data giving you true visibility of what’s working and what’s not. To find out more about Invest, get in contact with us and reach us at

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