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How can we help you navigate international risks and opportunities?

How does your business navigate international risks and partnerships? At Acumen, we have been helping our clients for over 14 years successfully navigate their way through customer mergers and acquisitions. Use the resources below to navigate buying alliances, customer mergers and varied negotiation tactics.

Conditionality webinar cover.PNG
Watch to find out:
  • Some of the best practices around improving conditionality to form mutually beneficial partnerships with customers
  • The key steps to follow in the process of improving conditionality
Buying alliances webinar cover.PNG
Watch to find out:
  • An introduction to buying alliances and cross-border trade 
  • Quantifying the price exposure risk in your market or region 
  • Steps other companies have taken to mitigate their risk – and actions you can take!
Emerge stronger article cover.PNG
Read to discover:
  • 3 clear steps that you should take in order to defend yourself against retailer mergers and acquisitions

International Risks & Opportunities Insights:

International Risks & Opportunities

On demand webinars, articles & reports

Carrefour Taiwan article cover.PNG
Read to discover:
  • What you can do as a supplier to get prepared for mergers
  • The implications for Carrefour Taiwan and Wellcome
TesGo article cover.PNG
Read to discover:
  • The story of Tesco selling their operations in Thailand and Malaysia 
  • The implications of this sale for you as a supplier 
Key considerations for manufacturers in 2023 negotiations with customers.png
Watch to discover:
  •  What to anticipate when it comes to the 2023 negotiations
  • What makes a winning strategy and how best to prepare
  • How to develop the right mindset and capabilities within your team to achieve successful outcomes
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