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Acumen's Australia & New Zealand event:
Attendee guide - please read

How do I join the event?

Follow this checklist to get your computer ready to join the event:

Access Remo through the email link
Or click here:
15 minutes before the scheduled event, you should receive an email with the link to the event space. Click the 'Click here to access the event' button.
Check your browser
Ensure you use Chrome, Safari, or Firefox browser on your desktop or laptop.
Switch on your camera and microphone
Check that your microphone and camera works and that your browser allows Remo to access both
Login and enjoy!
Locate yourself in a distraction-free zone and navigate the room, network with attendees and enjoy the talks and discussions throughout the event. 
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Struggling to join the event?

If you're struggling to access the event, check the following:

Refresh your browser
Try refreshing your webpage to enable Remo to work
Clear your cache
To do this, on the top right of your Google Chrome webpage go to 'More tools' 'Clear browsing data' then 'Clear data' 
Run a Remo system check
Click the below to run a Remo system check which tests your internet, browser, operating system, camera and micrphone:
Still can't join?

Email a member of our event support team:

Email one of these contacts as soon as you experience any difficulty and they'll quickly contact you via Microsoft teams to sort out the problem.

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