Pricing conundrums in Spain

This business was losing money on 3 important brands in Spain, due to low and inconsistent pricing. 

Who was our client?

Based in the US, our client has 85 leading brands, many of which are the biggest in their category across the world.


Why did they get in touch?

The business was losing money on three key brands in Spain due to low and inconsistent pricing. This was the result of:

  • Prices being set by local and regional account managers, leading to huge variations between customers.

  • The profit pool was skewed in favour of the retailers who were sometimes making the majority of the margin.

  • There were too many price files to maintain due to the number of direct customers.


With the Spanish market in recession, increasing prices wasn’t an option. We needed to find other ways to make the business more profitable.

The Acumen Answer


Seeing clearly

Our consultants used our app, Acumen Radar, to paint a clear picture of the retail/list price relationships, trade terms structures and SKU profitability, identifying where they were exposed. With this information, we could set about defining the right solution.

Thinking differently


We simplified pricing by:

  • Adopting clear pricing principles

  • Introducing common discount buckets

  • Re-establishing the relationship between RSP and list price

  • Rebalancing  margin levels across SKUs, while taking care not to damage the relationship with their customers.

Working smarter


We simplified the whole pricing process:

  • Introducing a minimum order quantity for direct customers.

  • Introducing standardised logistics terms to reward efficient practices.

More profitable pricing...


Thanks to our work, our client saved over €1m by stopping unprofitable promotions

They increased baseline sales and made more profit on key SKUs by running fewer promotions

And we simplified the business by re-routing smaller customers through third party wholesalers