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Revenue Management: 'Busting the Myths' - Episode 1

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Listen to our 20-minute podcast, where the Acumen team speak to Chris Ellis, former commercial director for the UK at Pernod Ricard. With over 20 years in the FMCG industry under his belt, Chris has extensive experience developing and growing premium brands.


Throughout the podcast, the Acumen team discuss Chris’s extensive career within FMCG, his perspectives on current trends and challenges in the consumer goods landscape, working to ‘bust’ common revenue management myths. Listen below to broaden your knowledge, expand your expertise and leverage your capability to embed a revenue management mindset within your organisation.

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You can look forward to future podcast episodes in the series where the Acumen team discuss hot topics within revenue management with senior leaders from blue chip FMCG businesses across the world. We’ll discuss key challenges we see our clients face and work to ‘bust the myths’ throughout each session. Example topics discussed include:


  • Best practice strategies within revenue management

  • Staying agile amidst the pandemic

  • The careers and experiences of RM leaders

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