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Building pricing excellence

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Why is pricing important?

Without a clear, consistent structure to pricing, consumer goods companies will inevitably put themselves at risk from pricing exposure, lose money through ineffective pricing, and potentially create chaos with little guidance for new product pricing.

Most consumer goods companies are grappling with a 'spaghetti' of inherited pricing, and have to tackle this alongside the challenges of the rapidly evolving retail landscape. This quickly becomes a complicated task that’s easy to get lost in. Furthermore, rising commodity costs and inflation aggravate the pain. To prevent margin erosion and losing out on market share, strategic pricing techniques are essential for FMCGs looking to drive growth.
Building pricing excellence
Insights for Revenue Managers:
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Watch to discover:
  • How to reduce trade terms complexity
  • How to address unaccounted for trade spend
  • How to manage trade terms profitably
Read to find out:
  • Why should companies look to implement structure to their pricing now?
  • The short and long-term benefits of structured pricing
Watch to discover:
  • The importance of selling stories in the change process
  • How to prepare your message, create your story and bring the whole business along the journey
Watch to discover:
  • The fundamentals of structuring pricing?
  • Why a clear structure is the foundation for success for your team
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Watch to discover:
  • How to understand where opportunities lie to effectively re-position pricing

  • Using your RM levers innovatively to deliver revenue growth

  • How to maximize the opportunity for margin improvement in light of inflationary pressures

Watch to discover:
  • The importance of selling stories in the change process

  • Preparing your message and creating your story

  • Bringing the whole business along the journey with consistent messaging pressures

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Watch to discover:
  • How the international pricing landscape is evolving for consumer brands in light of challenges like inflation and retail partnerships

  • Acumen’s best-practice approach to achieving a defensible pricing strategy

  • Responding to the challenge and how to take action

Read to discover:
  • Which revenue management levers you need to pull to create a convincing narrative

  • How to negotiate and sell-in the changes to your customers

  • How to develop customer insight and your negotiation story

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