Striving for synergy – How our consulting feeds our products and vice versa

Florence Evans

by Florence Evans

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Since Acumen began in 2004, we’ve put consulting efforts at the forefront of our offering, driving and shaping our products, namely our web applications Acumen Radar™ and Acumen Invest™. We find that this model rewards us time and time again. Because of this, our clients are able to understand their areas for improvement inside and out, before getting to grips with the tool.

We like to think of ourselves as a people-focussed organisation and practice what we preach, so, experience gained through our consulting work feeds directly into our tools. Working together is a term we aspire to use in all aspects of our business, and a prime example of this is shown in the development of our applications. The logistics of this can be a challenge, but we believe it delivers the best outcome to our clients, not to mention absolute clarity and ease of user experienceSo, how do we maintain consistent collaboration across our work?  

Communication across teams

Our product, engineering and consulting teams perform in a tight knit fashion in order to maintain momentum and keep the conversation going. We have an open plan office, encourage open discussion and hold regular cross-team updates to make sure everyone is in the know. Ultimately, this means that our offering to clients has all the bases covered and amalgamates knowledge from all of our teams across the business. We leave no stones unturned.  

Little details, big differences

Even the littlest of details, we believe to make big differences. For example, if one opinion is raised from our product team, and we think it worthy of action, we ensure that it feeds into our consulting efforts as we never disregard points of view. The point an individual made out might be a little detail that makes the difference for the end user – and we thoroughly believe in sticking to this mantra. 

We keep it simple

Well, as simple as we think possible! A clear view of what we do is what makes us who we are. We believe in sticking at what we’re best at – we only work with FMCG customers and we only consult on revenue management. This way, we can safely claim that we’re experts in the field and know we have bags of experience. By keeping it simple, work across teams is seamless and comes naturally due to shared knowledge of our specific field.  

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