Feedback in full force: Reaping the benefits of User Forums

Florence Evans

by Florence Evans

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The Acumen Invest™ user forum featured some of our key clients and involved interactive discussion and participation. The aim is to bring people together to share some of the revenue management challenges they are having and work together to find solutions, leveraging our platform. This gives them the confidence to make the changes to how they work, optimising efficiency and at the end of the day, enhancing profitability.

Hearing first hand from our clients what their challenges are is invaluable. We strive to understand all the needs of those who use our applications daily, and we work with them to adapt our application roadmaps according to the needs of the end user.

How we run the sessions

We aim to make the feedback process as fluid as possible, not to mention engaging and sociable, so we ensured energy levels were maintained throughout the day. From start to finish, everyone was clued up with the schedule and the wider plan for Invest, using a daily planner and clear product roadmap.

New ways of working

The forum allowed our clients to share and contribute their experiences and ways of effective working with each other. There is no single way of using our applications, and we find the group gets huge value from bringing something different to the table, sparking new ways of working and generating fresh ideas.

Critically evaluating ways of working was integral to the session.

Flagging problems

User forums are hugely effective ways of highlighting issues, understanding them, and gathering objectives for action. Discussion of barriers allowed us to get our heads around the problem and produce actions to overcome them. Furthermore, understanding other people’s challenges reassured users and sparked confidence around how to work more efficiently.

‘Today has been great having us all here, and getting it out in the open to explain problems and feedback our thoughts to each other and to Acumen’

Driving change

Everyone agrees that change is good, but how do we go about actually implementing it? Barriers we looked to overcome included habitual ways of working and processes that may have fallen by the wayside. Opinions and open discussion were used as a tool to drive this change. We know that forums such as this will push the efficiency of our clients forward and help people work better together.

‘Clients that have undergone high levels of process change are much happier with Invest and, in return, our support’ – Matt Wills, Acumen co-founder and Chief Product Officer.

Ultimately, driving change for our clients is what is most important to us.

Acumen Invest™ is a TPM/TPO web application that helps you see how promotions have performed in the past, and forecast how new promotions will pan out in the future. It integrates ERP and external scan data giving you true visibility of what’s working and what’s not.

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