Acumen’s 2018 highlights


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Now we're fully into the new year, we thought we'd take a moment to reflect on 2018, and our highlights here at Acumen.

2018 has been a hugely busy year for the FMCG industry, and for us here at Acumen. We’ve continued to support our clients on a range of challenges across the world including the impact of customer consolidation (e.g. Sainsbury’s-Asda), the increasing threat of online retailers in an omni-channel industry, and the introduction of country specific legislative changes (e.g. minimum unit pricing in Scotland and the container-deposit scheme in Australia). As our client list expanded, so did our global reach, as we opened our new APAC office in Singapore to support our increased presence in the region.

Throughout the year we continued to share our revenue management expertise across the industry by sponsoring the POI summit in Budapest and the Asia pricing summit in Singapore. We’ve also expanded our presence digitally by increasing content generation through LinkedIn and social media, and publishing thought leadership pieces on our company blog.

We’ve worked on some significant projects in 2018, namely improving consumer promotions in China with our TPM/TPO solution Acumen Invest, utilising machine learning and seasonal analysis to show the impact of different factors on promotions. Furthermore, we worked with a client in Europe within the alcoholic drinks industry to establish greater visibility of net price across 12 channels and implement structure into their pricing.

We recognised that revenue management teams are becoming more and more advanced as a functional unit within FMCG organisations. 2018’s Acumen revenue management assessment (ARMA) surveyed our clients, and other companies in the FMCG space, to understand how they were progressing on the revenue management journey. The survey results showed that revenue management teams were strong, particularly at utilising external insights and research trends, but were less proficient at getting the most out of their systems through change management processes. For the full results, click here.

Alongside attending external events, we ran quarterly user forums with our clients and the day-to-day users of our applications to share best practice and discuss the optimum ways of using the tool. These user forums were held both at our Richmond head office and our client’s headquarters. We’ll continue to hold these events on a quarterly basis to share as much insight as possible with and between our clients.

Whilst serving our clients, Acumen have continued to develop as a team. We’ve grown, bringing in plenty of new recruits across our consulting, engineering, commercial and people experience teams. We’ve initiated a new and innovative way to reward contribution within the business and continued to roll out agile processes across the organisation. Furthermore, we’ve enhanced our focus on graduate recruitment and attended the Bristol, Bath, Durham and Imperial careers fairs across the country, and brought our talent brand to life with our company Instagram page acumen_life. And of course, we held team building events throughout the year with activities ranging from Dragon boat racing to Gin tasting, as well as our monthly team updates and the Acumen Christmas party.

For 2019 we’re looking to upgrade our apps, ensuring their new designs are live, and embedded analytics are available for all clients. Furthermore, we’ll be looking to continue expanding in the APAC region and further afield, increasing our global reach. In addition to external changes, we’re excited to enhance our aligned and highly motivated team, implementing the Acu-academy and putting the newly updated career progression in place. For 2019, we’ll continue to ensure our software and consulting is the smartest in the market, serving our clients and delivering lasting change to their business.

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