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evenue Management Insights

Webinars, events, podcasts and articles to build your RGM capability 


Singapore - Asia & South Pacific HQ

We have an extensive global reach, having worked all over the world in many markets. We have experience implementing software and carrying out consulting projects in a variety of different countries and cultures – and we know how tough the current retail landscape can be.

Revenue Management Insights:
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Download to discover:
  • The latest trends and threats impacting the CPG landscape in Asia today

  • How to prepare for the onset effects of these  to overcome them?

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The event recording includes:
  • 'Shifting your organisation’s hearts and minds towards digital revenue management'
  • 'Making the right technology choices in RGM' - Matt Wills, Acumen’s Chief Product Officer
  • Acumen Invest demonstration- Max Lawday, Senior Consultant, Acumen
  • 'TPM, TPO, TPX - how to leverage each to your advantage'
 Including speakers from Simplot Australia, Colgate-Palmolive, Lion Dairy & Drinks, Carlton & United Breweries.
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Read to find out:​​
  • The 3 key practices to abide by for a successful TPM implementation

Watch to discover:
  • Common mistakes / pitfalls during the RFP/RFI process 

  • Considerations for the selection process 

  • Some tips for a successful selection & initial implementation 

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The event recording includes:
  • ‘Using RGM to adapt in today's high inflation environment’
  •  ‘Inflation: Thoughts and implications for RGM’​
  •  ‘How TPM tools can be used to navigate the high inflation environment'
  • ‘Getting to grips with Ecommerce: How can revenue management teams work with it best?'  


Including speakers from APB, Colgate-Palmolive and Beam Suntory.

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