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ANZ Webinar: Why now might be the time to talk trade terms?

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Date & Time

24th July, 16:00 - 16:45 AEST | 18:00 - 18:45 NZST

Zoom Virtual Event


Why now might be the time to talk trade terms?
Zoom webinar | 24th July | 4PM AEST | 6PM NZST | 45 minutes

In today's context of economic pressure and shifting consumer behaviours, consumer brands are under pressure from both top-down industry shifts and bottom-up cost increases. RGM is a key lever in addressing these challenges and strategic trade term management is the best place to start. However, trade terms agreements often remain unreviewed for years, becoming an intricate 'can of worms' that negatively impact return on investment and lead to missed opportunities.


Is your trade terms strategy equipped to navigate current economic challenges and deliver sustainable growth?


In this webinar, we will cover:

  • Understanding the market pressure

  • Redefining your trade spend as active investments

  • Optimising your trade terms to fit your strategy

  • Setting up your trade terms for success

Join us to learn how to create a defensible and conditional trade terms structure that can help combat inflationary challenges and support your business's long-term success.


Please note: This webinar is for professionals from across the consumer brands industry.

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Wed, 24th July | Zoom Webinar

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