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Acumen's UK & Ireland event:
‘Using RGM to weather the storm in 2023’

Event resources

Click below to view the presentation and panel discussion recordings from the event. Skip to the indicated times to see your section of choice.

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  • (0 - 15mins) Introductory remarks - Nick Ryan, Acumen

  • (15 - 40mins) Presentation: 'The recessionary environment: How manufacturers can continue to grow whilst supporting consumers with the rising cost of living’ Dominic Grime
    Revenue Management Lead – UK & Ireland Middle East & Africa at Kimberly-Clark

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  • (40 - 59mins)  'The recessionary environment – implications for Revenue Growth Management' Dominic Grime, Kimberly-Clark, Andy Williams, Kellogg Company, Phil Morgan, Premier Foods

  • (59mins - end) Acumen Invest Solution demo - Marijn Rubens, Consultant, Acumen

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  • 'Adapting your RGM strategy in light of the inflationary environment & supply chain issues' - Eric Burke RGM, Strategic Pack & Pricing (OBPPC) Manager at Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company

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  • (Start - 28mins) “Optimising trade terms and investment structures to work collaboratively with retailers”  Kevin Nolan, Global RGM Director, Karopharma

panel 2 uk event .png
  • (28 - 56mins) - ‘Optimising trade terms and investment structures to work collaboratively with retailers - implications for Revenue Growth Management’
    Eric Burke, CCH, Phil Morgan, Premier Foods, Kevin Nolan, Karopharma

  • (56mins - end) - Final remarks, Nick Ryan, Acumen

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