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Acumen x Joe Berry Award Webinar: RGM Strategies & Tools

Acumen x JBA - RGM Strategies & Tools.png

Date & Time

08 May 2024, 16:00 GMT+10

Zoom Webinar


RGM Strategies & Tools
Zoom webinar | 8th May | 4PM AEST 

This webinar is exclusively available to Joe Berry Essay candidates. We will delve into Revenue Growth Management (RGM) strategies and tools, including theories and case studies from across the globe.

Join us for this insightful session where we will explore:

  • What is RGM about and why is it important for FMCG & Retailers?

  • What are the RGM Levers available to FMCG & Retailers?

  • What is the role of Data & Analytics in choosing RGM Levers & initiatives?

  • Measuring the success of RGM Levers and initiatives.


Please note: This webinar is only for Joe Berry Essay candidates.

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Wed, 8th May | Zoom Webinar

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