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Realising promotional potential

This business came to us as they were not achieving the level of return on their promotional spend they knew they were capable of.

Who was our client?

Our client is one of the world’s largest bottlers in the non-alcoholic drinks industry

Why did they get in touch?

They were struggling with new and inefficient business processes following a SAP TPM implementation.

KAMs were drowning in numerous Excel spreadsheets, and spending a lot of their time consolidating data for reporting purposes.

Post promotional analysis was infrequent and not really absorbed into the business or acted upon.

The business was not delivering the levels of return on promotional spend they knew they were capable of.

Seeing clearly
We implemented Acumen Invest™ to enable them to realise their promotional potential

Our consultants worked with their team to integrate the data from multiple Excel spread sheets across the business into one place – Acumen Invest™.

Full supplier & customer P&Ls then allowed them to see their promotional plan clearly, allowing more time to be spent on:

Generating in depth insights on promotional performance, mechanic by mechanic
Reviewing the outputs of our prebuilt reports in their monthly promo planning meetings
Comparing promotional calendars across customers and channels
Thinking differently
Acumen Invest™ gave them an accurate and consistent pre-evaluation of all their promotions – past and future – across customer teams prompting them to:

Have discussions with other channels about how they can adapt their plans to avoid cannibalisation
Evaluate deals in a different light
Review historic deals to inform future plans
Drive greater control over promotions exceptions
Working smarter
By phasing the implementation we made sure teams weren’t overwhelmed by the change so we got great adoption. We could also respond to evolving requirements, delivering a solution that exactly met their needs.

Giving cross functional teams access to the application meant that:

Less time is spent in meetings discussing plans as everyone has visibility in the app
KAMs learn every time they set up a promotion, they are no longer running the same promotion over & over
We reduced sales team reliance on commercial finance support
Finance use Invest™ to feed SAP TPM accruals giving them more accurate accruals
Demand planners can easily pull an accurate view of their forecast whenever they want

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